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Owning a big water bottle has become an important part of daily life! Whether you are hiking or elsewhere, you need a water bottle to keep your body hydrated. But a water bottle without a straw may be very dirty for you because incorrect sipping will bring you some extra water. 

What are the advantages of a thermos with a straw?
There are many advantages to using a thermos with a straw, some of which are mentioned below. Let you know that the straw thermos is better than the ordinary thermos.

Say goodbye to overflow!
When you drink water or any other beverage from a cup, it becomes dangerous and may fall on your clothes. You can imagine what happens when you travel. Therefore, if you use a thermos with a straw to reduce the chance of overflow, you will not hesitate to add water.

Ensure hygiene:
Drinking canned drinks is easy. But they may contain some bacteria that can enter your body. In addition, it may be affected by unhealthy bacteria when traveling. Therefore, in this case, drinking with a straw is an ideal choice. This will also ensure hygiene during travel.

Helps stain teeth:
When you drink soda, coffee, tea or any kind of beverage, it will leave color on your teeth. So, if you use a straw, it will work well for you and reduce the chance of staining your teeth.

Cup holder friendly:
Many ordinary thermos bottles may not fit your cup holder, or they may not be placed correctly. But if you are talking about a thermos with a straw, then many convenient designs can easily fit your cup holder.

Easy to clean:
Although thermos bottles may be easy to clean now, thermos bottles with straws provide an easy-to-clean option. Therefore, it is beneficial to use only these thermos bottles.
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